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"Highland Investment Advisors hired Grenadine Ink for quarterly letter editing and other ad hoc editing projects. Our firm will continue to use her services for all important outbound written communications. She has instilled in us the confidence that once she has touched a document, it is client-ready. I highly recommend using her services."

Adam S. Drake, CFA
Partner, Highland Investment Advisors, LLC

"I sought professional assistance from Jocelyn during my final stage of dissertation writing. I am very happy that I had Jocelyn to count on during that stressful period! She was responsive, efficient, and most important of all, very helpful. She improved the readability of my writing—shortening sentences to make them more to the point, suggesting alternative terms that better captured what I actually meant to say, and always pointing out my unclear writing without skipping it. I highly recommend Jocelyn to anyone who wants to have a good editor!"

Mi Shih, Ph.D. candidate
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

"Jocelyn has excellent editing and writing skills. She was responsible for editing the newsletter and many written communications from the Donors Forum. Her work is considered some of the best produced by the Forum. She shows great sensitivity to the intent of the article and is skilled in refining an original document into concise, useful knowledge. I highly recommend her."

Deborah Fugenschuh, President
Donors Forum of Wisconsin

"Jocelyn’s timely editing was of immeasurable help to me in creating my personal statement for entry into the graduate nursing program. Her suggestions and feedback helped shape my work into a clear, strongly-worded effort I was proud of, while still retaining my personal tone."

Francesca J. Vash, MS, RN
Milwaukee, WI

"I have enjoyed and appreciated Jocelyn's editing for several years now in both my translations from Italian into English and in my writings in English. Jocelyn's editorial touch has been as balanced and targeted as I had wished and I have learned as well in the process. I feel lucky that I can count on her skills and promptness."

Giovanna Miceli Jeffries, Ph.D.; scholar and author
University of Wisconsin-Madison